Contribution / Merger / Demerger / Special Advantages

Contribution or (de)merger auditors intervene in matters regarding changes in company shares.

Target for the customers: guarantee the shareholders’ interests and the legal frame of the operation to managers of the companies involved.

Services we render:

The contribution auditor assesses the value of contributions while making sure that the value of such contributions and specific benefits attached to the operation are not overestimated.

The merger auditor makes sure that the value of the company’s stocks involved in the transaction, are properly valuated and that the exchange ratio is fair for the parties involved.

We are highly specialized in this field.

Commercial courts often appoint us when a company undergoes a contribution, merger or demerger process. Sometimes we are appointed by a unanimous shareholder agreement.

World-class companies have turned to us for our services. We have for many years been appointed to carry out complex internal restructuring inside listed groups.

Book : L'évaluation Financière Expliquée co-written by Antoine Legoux

Book co-authored by Antoine Legoux

Book : Revue française de comptabilité co-written by Antoine Legoux

Book co-authored by Antoine Legoux