Advisory / Litigation support

Target for our customers:

Most disputes at stake between economic players can be solved financially, thanks to a close partnership between lawyers and auditors. Successful conflict resolution will thus depend on the auditor’s ability to set up an efficient team: Legoux & Associés has acquired an extensive expertise in the assessment of damage, the creation of financial records of complaints and the monitoring and defense of the interests of the parties concerned.

Antoine Legoux and his team conduct a strong and efficient defense of the client’s interests.

How we help: By better understanding the underlying challenges of the dispute, we can develop technical arguments in order to detail costs of the damage suffered. We can on the other hand undermine the arguments of the opposing party, should they allege a prejudice.

Legoux & Associés can both assist you in drawing up the complaint file and accompany you at more advanced stages of the dispute process.

Our expertise: the founding partner is also Legal Expert to the Appeal Court of Paris and Legal Expert to the Administrative Appeal Courts of Paris and Versailles. Our cross-disciplinary competences in litigation management, statutory audit, contributions and mergers auditing… strengthen our counselling skills.