Legal Expertise

Purpose: The Legal Expert is a sworn court officer who performs his duties conscientiously and independently. He provides the Judge with objective technical advice on which the magistrate can base his judgement.

How we help: Antoine LEGOUX is regularly appointed by the civil, commercial and administrative courts for different legal missions.

Antoine LEGOUX is specialized in the following legal areas:

  • business valuation,
  • prevention of risks,
  • insolvency proceedings,
  • accountancy analyses

Following the issuance of the decree introducing participatory process in 2012 (Chapter 1547 and next chapters of the Code of Civil Protection), Antoine Legoux became Expert Witness: he thus delivers “expert evidence” within the area of his expertise. He is appointed by both parties, claimant and defendant.

Our expertise: Antoine Legoux has often been appointed witness expert. He has thus developed extensive expertise in the legal areas previously mentioned. Moreover, our cross-disciplinary competences in litigation management, statutory audit, contributions and mergers auditing… strengthen our legal skills.